Monday, October 6, 2008

ACO Lecture: So You Want to Go To Dubai? – A Visual Presentation

So You Want to Go To Dubai? – A Visual Presentation
Providing Food for Thought about Urban Development in Canada
An Evening with Gordon Nelson, Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo
When: Tuesday October 21, 2008, 7 pm
Where: Waterloo Public Library
Albert & Dupont Streets Waterloo

Huge earnings from big oil and international finance have transformed the small oases and coastal settlements in the Persian Gulf deserts into huge cities and expanding green oases amid seas of orange sand in the last thirty odd years. The effects of this growth on the economic well being, culture and environment of this region have been immense.

Skyscrapers grow steadily into the sky and pipelines and roads carry people, oil and water into the far corners of the land. Growth has also created wealth to provide for lavish lifestyles, economic opportunities for migrants from the Middle East, India, Africa and the West and large investments overseas.

Architecture and heritage have been transformed in many ways. Gordon Nelson will discuss these changes and their implications for planning urban areas in the United Arab Emirates (UAR) and in Canada.

Gordon has spent approximately nine months consulting and travelling in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in 2007 - 2008


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