Monday, January 26, 2009

Heritage in Creative Communities: Contest for Students

The annual Ontario Heritage Conference has an opportunity for students to get involved and win a prize!

Here are the details:


Who has the most to gain from successful advocacy for preservation and livable communities? Young people, of course. Our collective heritage is YOUR future! The theme of the annual ACO/CHO Heritage Conservation Conference being held May 29-31 (2009) in Peterborough is Heritage in Creative Communities. This year, more than ever, we want you there.


Submit a visual display showing how exceptional use and re-use of heritage resources has contributed to getting your community (or another community of your choice) on track for the new creative economy. You decide the parameters of your community. It may be a municipality, a neighbourhood, or a particular re-development project. Or, you may choose a “community” having as yet undeveloped potential, particularly if it is one with at-risk heritage resources. Either way, you will make the case with your display that what has been achieved (or proposed) exemplifies the nexus of heritage, arts and culture, and economic prosperity.

The Medium Entry to be submitted on 3X4 table top presentation board (Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board recommended, aprox. $12. at Staples and other stores). Display may include: photos, drawings, graphics; history, archival research; maps; interviews; AV component (if compact); models. Entries will be judged on:
- Relevance to theme
- Clarity of message
- Creativity and fresh ideas
- Balance of content and visual appeal

Judging will be by all conference registrants who will have one vote each. The winner will be determined by secret ballot.

Why you should enter?

The winner, if registered and attending the conference (at the half price student rate of $125.), will be awarded a prize of $500. Presentation will be at the conference.
Registration: Deadline to register for the contest (not the conference) is February 16, 2009 (Heritage Day). Please reply to the Heritage Conference email below, giving your name, age, educational affiliation, address, and brief description of your project topic.Contact us by email:

We look forward to hearing from you – and seeing you in Peterborough!

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