Thursday, December 3, 2009

Green Building Links: ACO Newsletter

Lloyd Alter, President of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario wrote in this week's newsletter about green building and green practices, directing readers to two related websites:

While Catherine was holding the fort in Toronto last week, I was in Phoenix at the Greenbuild convention, where I met and interviewed one of my heroes, architect Steve Mouzon. He recently reprized an earlier post he did on the 10 top things you should do to go green if you are talking about heritage buildings. I loved number nine:

Don't Succumb to the Myth of

No Maintenance: "Maybe it's vinyl siding, or aluminum soffits. It doesn't really matter, because here's what actually happens: When it fails, and it doesn't matter how it fails... maybe someone got the grill too close and melted the vinyl, or maybe the puppy gnawed on it... but when it fails, then you can't patch it and paint it, because it doesn't match. So you've gotta tear it all of and cart it off to the landfill, and then you must replace it all. So when so-called no-maintenance materials fail, they fail catastrophically." Read all ten at the Original Green

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