Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Following Heritage on Twitter

Twitter is a network of people that post information in 140 characters, thus keeping information short and sweet.

The Heritage Resources Centre is now on Twitter! Click here to follow our tweets.

Here are some other people and organizations to follow on twitter to keep updated on your heritage news:

Local Heritage People and Organizations

Lauren Archer - Young heritage professional who regularly posts about heritage issues and events in Ontario.

Heritage Toronto - The heritage organization that advocates and promotes heritage in the City of Toronto. They post regarding heritage issues and events in Toronto.

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario - the province wide advocacy organization tweets about critical heritage issues, links to interesting articles and ways to get involved with heritage.

Follow a Museum Day on Twitter- According the the blurb " ... most museums on Twitter struggle to attract more then 500 followers. I started to think about how we can draw attention to the museums on Twitter, and get more people to consider following a museum" This year was the first event and reportedly hundreds of people signed up to follow a museum.

You can still follow a museum by checking out the directory list of museums in Canada.

REEP House- An environmental organization that is based in Waterloo, which is converting two historic home into environmental showcases

Other Heritage Organizations

OldHouseWeb- a twitter feed and blog that links to how to articles, heritage news and interesting ideas to think about

HistoricGreen- posting about linking heritage with greening the environment

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