Thursday, April 15, 2010

Notes from REEP's Insulating Heritage Buildings Workshop

Top 4 Quotes:
  1. Window replacement in historic building is the least effective energy retrofit
  2. Repair and reuse are the cornerstones to sustainability
  3. When designing green buildings use what nature gave you: brick, wood, glass
  4. Durability of buildings is important to sustainability
Top 5 Lessons Learned:

1. Historic homes were designed to be repaired and replaced.
2. For a $15,000 investment in windows you only get a 5% savings.
3. #1 Upgrade for windows should be the addition of storm windows, not replacement
4. Vapour retarder is better than a vapour barrier, it allows drying
5. Insulation in old homes should be one of the following, depending on the situation: Rock Wool, expanding spray foam, foam boards or cellulose

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