Monday, May 17, 2010


Geranium Heritage House Tour

Sunday, June 6, 2010 1:00pm to 5:00pm


In 1974, Sue Wilson, one of ACO London’s original members, dared to dream on a large scale, gathering a team to plan the first Geranium Walk to raise funds for the then relatively new branch. It was an ambitious undertaking with a Tour A in the Eldon House area and a Tour B in the Woodfield District. Victorian Fancies
was a resounding success..

On Sunday, June 6, 2010 the 37th annual Geranium Heritage House Tour, Eldon Excursion, will take place in the neighbourhood of one of London’s oldest buildings, Eldon House.

The tour begins at Eldon House Interpretive Centre, adjacent to London’s oldest residence, Eldon House, built in 1834 by John Harris. The ACO London Region Branch is joining the 175th anniversary celebration of this venerable old building. Eldon Excursion will visit homes and businesses on the streets that were once London’s premier neighbourhood - Ridout, Talbot, John, Albert and Kent. Homeowners on our tour have restored many of these architectural gems to highlight the craftsmanship of past generations. Each building on the tour is marked by a pot of red geraniums, courtesy of Van Horik’s Greenhouses.

The $20.00 admission cost includes refreshments at the end of the walk and admittance to Eldon House as well as the buildings on the tour. Tickets can be purchased in advance beginning May 1 until June 4 at Gammage Flowers, Market Crafts, Oxford Book Store, Tuckey Home Hardware, Jill’s Table or Van Horik’s Greenhouses. On Sunday, June 6 tickets can be purchased at the Eldon House Interpretive Centre on Ridout Street.

Free Parking is available at the Impark parking lot at Ridout and Queens.

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