Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 10 Preservation Oppurtunities

Picture from www.youngpreservationists.org/category/blog

The Young Preservationist Association of Pittsburgh took an interesting approach to making an endangered buildings list. They created their own list titled "Top 10 Preservation Opportunities".

According to the report "Since the list was first published, only three sites have been lost". The list has also created economic opportunities resulting in:
  • $1.30 of private financing for every $1 of public investment was generated,
  • 1,245 construction and trade related jobs created,
  • production of 230 housing units resulted,
  • $750,000 in additional annual wage tax revenue is yielded to state and local municipalities, and
  • a total of 401 permanent employment positions were created.
Read the full report

Check out the Young Preservationists Association Website

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