Friday, June 4, 2010

Doors Open Toronto: Coach House Press

According to the Doors Open Toronto Website:

Coach House Press is located in an old coach house on the U of T campus. It has been the home of the Coach House Printing Company and Coach House Books since 1965. In 2007, fifteen solar panels were installed on the building's roof. Event information: Visitors to Coach House will be treated to a guided tour of the premises, including a history of the printing and publishing trades in Canada. Master printer Stan Bevington, pressmen and publishers will show visitors how books are printed on our two Heidelberg presses, and they'll give a lesson in letterpress printing on our Vandercook. Visitors will also have an opportunity to browse through our bookstore, and to snap a photo of the poem carved into bpNichol Lane. We'll be giving away lots of print souvenirs, too! Sat. 1pm walking tour through Annex neighbourhood with Shawn Micallef – Spacing senior editor, Eye Weekly columnist and author of the new book Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto.

For more information please visit the Coach House Press website

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