Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cultural Forum Series

From the Canadian Conference for the Arts Website:

What are the current issues and trends affecting the arts, culture and heritage sector in Canada and abroad? What factors and strategies are taken into consideration when developing cultural policy?

Find out during Thinking Culture, a new cultural forum series presented by the Canadian Conference of the Arts in partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Continuing Education, Centre on Governance and School of Political Studies.

Taking shape in the form of lectures, presentations, debates and panels, the cultural forums will explore the complexities of the arts and culture sector and how it continues to develop and affect society. Experts and professionals from the field will share their insights on the meaning, evolution and impact of arts, culture and cultural policy. The forums will provide academics, civil servants, decision-makers, students, members of the cultural sector or those simply interested in learning about the field with an engaged area for learning, discussion and debate.
Each presentation will also be made available as a webcast on the University of Ottawa’s Continuing Education website.

Full List of Forums

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