Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heritage Canada Conference 2011- Call for Papers

The 14th International Conference of National Trusts will focus on building connections and sharing experiences to help organizations, communities and individuals charged with caring for special places meet the new challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. We will explore new approaches to the protection of special places as well as the stories, traditions, languages and cultures that give them meaning. And we will seek new ways to better engage people and communities in this work. Abstracts and proposals for presentations, field sessions and poster sessions are encouraged in the following thematic areas:

1. Connecting and Mobilizing People

International case studies and best practices will feature emerging technologies in heritage education, public awareness and youth engagement, and illustrate the role special places play in civic engagement, identity and nation-building, and social and economic development.

2. Protecting Places, Stories and Traditions

Historic places face increasing pressure to be relevant, to serve new uses, to attract tourist dollars, and to be energy efficient. New interest in intangible heritage – traditions, stories, local knowledge – will challenge our thinking and open the door to new audiences. Organizers are seeking cases and success stories that respond to these emerging trends and opportunities.

3. The Business of Heritage Conservation

The way visitors, members and donors connect with historic places is changing. Heritage organizations are finding new ways to leverage financial resources, engage supporters, and attract corporate partnerships. This track will explore new strategies for management, governance, fundraising, member development and more.

4. Climate Change and Heritage Conservation

Climate change is destroying natural ecosystems, damaging heritage sites, compromising traditional cultural practices, and displacing entire communities. This track will explore leading edge responses to climate change where heritage conservation is part of the solution.

Submissions should include:

- Title and type of presentation proposed

- Conference theme(s) addressed

- Approx. 250-word summary

- Name(s) and contact information

Deadline for submissions: November 15, 2010

Send to:

For more information : 1-866-964-1066

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