Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Energy and Heritage Buildings Workshop - April 2/3

DATES: April 2nd & 3rd, 2011

TIMES: 10am - 4pm

LOCATION: REEP House, Kitchener

(20 Mill Street)


A spirited debate has been raging around

whether older buildings are energy gluttons,

costing huge amounts of money to heat, or

whether they are the poster children for

conservation. Vinyl window salesmen prowl the

streets selling their wares on the promise of fuel

bill savings and freedom from maintenance

forever. Building contractors tell us that new

buildings with LEED certificates of various

colours will help us save the planet from global


This workshop addresses many of the myths

and polemics with solid research evidence

designed to clear the fog and assist

homeowners to make intelligent and informed

decisions. The workshop will take place in a

century-old building, which for $50,000 worth of

upgrading achieved a 60% reduction in energy

operating cost. Find out how it was done and

work on exercises to calculate the actual costs

of being part of a more sustainable future.


The workshop fee for practicing planners

and other concerned citizens will be $225*.

This price will include lunch and snacks on

both days of the workshop.

*HST is included

People with limited resources can contact

the Heritage Resources Centre to see if a

workable alternative can be reached.


Practicing planners and other stakeholders

interested in heritage will receive a

Verification of Attendance form.


To register, email: hrc@uwaterloo.ca

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