Thursday, April 21, 2011

Architectural Styles Workshop May 28th & 29th, 2011

What will the workshop cover?
This workshop will focus on Ontario’s architectural styles. We will learn how to identify a wide variety of styles and distinguish which features (character-defining elements) are important to each style. Using our gained knowledge we will examine one of Oakville’s neighbourhoods to determine the local styles, as well as use examples from participant’s own neighbourhoods.

Goals of the workshop:
To provide a second level of training in Heritage beyond the Heritage Planning Workshop
To create knowledge of Ontario’s architectural styles among heritage professionals, volunteers and interested citizens
To provide an opportunity for the application of each individuals knowledge of Ontario’s architectural styles
To relate architectural styles knowledge to Heritage Planning and discuss its relevance in real world situations

The workshop fee for practicing planners and other concerned citizens will be $225*. This price will include lunch and snacks on both days of the workshop.
*HST is included
People with limited resources can contact the Heritage Resources Centre to see if a workable alternative can be reached.

Practicing planners and other stakeholders interested in heritage will receive a Verification of Attendance form.

To register, email:

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