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July 6, 2011
We are seeking nominations for the 2011 ACO Provincial Awards. The purpose of the awards is to honour preservation leaders and/or projects tht are considered valuable on a provicial scale to the architectural conservation movement in Ontario.
This year's awards include:
(1) A. K. (Alice King) Sculthorpe Award for Advocacy This award recognizes an individual, an informal group or an established non-profit organization that at a critical point achieved exemplary success in solving a significant heritage crisis. The people involved have demonstrated leadership in the field, integrity and the ability to be inclusive and communicate the value of heritage conservation to others.
(2) Eric Arthur Lifetime Achievement Award This award recognizes individuals or groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the heritage conservation movement in Ontario over a sustained period of time. The state of the Province’s architectural heritage today would not be the same without the significant activities of this nominee.
(3) Peter Stokes Restoration Award: This award recognizes those responsible for the exemplary restoration of significant heritage structures, undertaken in accordance with the accepted polices and practices of heritage conservation in Ontario.
(4) Margaret and Nicholas Hill Cultural Heritage Landscape Award: This award recognizes individuals or groups and their projects that have led to a heightened level of awareness and appreciation of Ontario’s significant landscapes.
(5) Paul Oberman Award for Special Contributions: This award recognizes ACO members who have made a significant contribution to forwarding the goals of the provincial organization.
Judging criteria include the degree of:
- significance of the heritage issue or project;
 -difficulties that the project and/or persons faced;
 -impact the project’s success has had on the immediate community; and
- innovation, commitment and leadership demonstrated.
Submit nominations to the ACO Head Office Suite 403,
10 Adelaide Street East, TORONTO ON M5C 1J3. Fax: 416-367-8630 Email:

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