Friday, August 5, 2011

Workshop- Telling Stories About Heritage: Using Narrative to Build Public Support

Dates: Oct. 1 & 2 
(The Workshop will take place over one weekend (2 days) from 10am to 4pm)

Location: Paris, Paris Old Town Hall

Description: Heritage is not just bricks and mortar and artifacts. Heritage professionals and the public understand these material objects in the context of multiple stories about them. The professional view is based in disciplines such as history, heritage restoration, and urban planning, but this is not necessarily the way that non-professionals experience heritage in their communities. Each heritage property or streetscape carries its own set of stories, developed over many years, and these stories help to determine how heritage is perceived and, more importantly, treated, by particular municipalities. We can use these stories as part of our evaluation of "cultural heritage value" as outlined in the Provincial Policy Statement.

This workshop begins by looking at how a traditional storytelling form—the novel—presents the heritage of Paris, Ontario. John Bemrose's The Island Walkers provides a jumping off point for examining how much more informal narratives, such as blogs, videos, and local lore, contribute to stories about places. Participants will explore strategies for identifying existing stories about heritage in their communities, as well as techniques for using stories to engage the public and create support for heritage preservation projects.

Cost: $225 

To Register:  Please e-mail hrc@uwaterloo to register. 

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  1. Hoping to join you for this one - sounds awesome! Great choice of location too!